Monday, 20 June 2011

this weeks entry for lily's prediction

I'm on the cusp of getting a Kindle 3G, but my inner voice says hold on theres a discount around the corner with the Kindle 3G with Special offers bound to come to the UK soon now Fathers day is over.

Well at least it's brilliant week over at Lily childs feardom with a fantastic new piece from Lily, a DVD recommendation and the brilliant Friday prediction here's my entry.

Khyams Box

He dared to open Khyam’s box, the gilded letters bore her warning “What does not start has no end”

Watching the sands float through the hour glass within began to hypnotise him.

“Each of those granules is a Soul” Khyam whispered into his sub-consciousness, “See how the sand is never emptied from the top, that’s because a new soul is born, to replace those lost, you are lost too Cabannon”

Cabannon felt the ebb and flow till it overwhelmed his being, his soul billowed in the breeze, till he too became dust, swept away by Khyams tsunami of the soul.

Friday, 10 June 2011

It's all Kicking off again at Lilys Friday prediction some great early entries and my humble offering.

The Serpents Fife

Enchanted by the girl replacing the flute in Furs music shop window, the young man enters.

“The flute in the window?” he said as he noticed her name was Lucy
“Would you like to play it?” Lucy asked
“Yes please. Such a charming serpent motif, I normally have a phobia of Snakes” he said
“It was my fathers.” she said nonchalantly handing him the Fife.
As he began to play, the flute came alive in his hands and began to twist and arch till the snake entered his mouth and Stole his soul.

She’s a tricky woman that Lucy Fur.