Friday, 31 December 2010

Extremely Proud.

I'm really pleased and proud as punch that my flash fiction Winter Bleak was selected as the winner in this weeks Friday prediction at Lily Childs Feardom. There are some excellent writers that contribute each week, and a really supportive community over there, why not pop along and have a look.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Friday prediction

I just couldn't help but submit three entries this week. To be honest I have a number 4 and 5 in the bag too, but I'm not happy with their endings.

Winter Bleak

Cracked and bloodied feet left an inanimate trail on the snow-laden cobbles behind her. Mary, followed by the pervasive spirit of a waif, stumbled towards the Priory.
Beneath her shift, was a stomach swollen from a lie.

She did not seek gold for services rendered, she wanted the one they called Gabriel, and his promises to be kept.

Turned away by his brethren, she lay under a tree, and there in the snow on that bitter night, she gave her gift. The world was silent now; like shadows. The waif cradled her soul, and delivered them both to their maker.

Her Beauty took mine eyes

All along the Priory Row,
came a horse with naked cargo.
Not ain a shift did she wear,
to cover up she used her hair.
All shutters by order were closed tight,
to stop folk gawping at the sight.
One tailor, who had thrills to seek,
took a rather lustful peek.
Such beauty and a sinful sight did set poor Tom’s eyes alight.
Now that Tom is fully blind,
he carries the vision within his mind.
Leofric’s blood is running cold;
he will not get more peoples gold.
The towns folk of the coffers tree,
celebrate Godgifu’s lack of modesty.

Yo Mother

A shaft of gold sunlight told me it was time to blow this priory apart. “Yo Mother Superior” I roused her from sleep “We’ve gotta shift ourselves” We readied our AK47’s, and kicked open the door of the sacristy, unleashing a hailstorm of bullets as we went. We took those bastard Friars by surprise. Her habit made her a sitting duck, but agility gave her the edge. “Grenade” she shouted but it was too late.

There was a white light then “Bill… Bill… Bill!! I told you to leave the Stilton and Port alone last night you’ve been dreaming again”

Monday, 27 December 2010


Extremely proud that Lily Childs chose my poem The Lie as the runner up in her weekly Friday prediction, the quality of the entries just gets better and better each week. Congratulations to Aidan Fritz for Winning with his stark elven chiller Mörkt Alven.

This weeks  words are Priory, Shift and Gold. Not sure how I'm going to find time to enter this week, but I'll do my best.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

This weeks Friday Challenge

This weeks words at Lily's Childs Feardom were waif, inanimate, and lie. I've been doing a lot of research into the blitz of late, and I had a short story rolling round in my head. It changed considerably from my original thoughts into a poem, I've called The Lie. I hope you enjoy it.


The Lie

Air raid sirens screamed their arrival, there’s terror in the skies.
All waifs and strays herded from the street to their subterranean demise.

Jammed in like pebbles in a jar, locked in behind solid doors; the inanimate gas pipes came to life hissing their fury with convulsive Jaws.

Souls clung to souls for protection and to utter their last goodbye, now’s the time to ask forgiveness for every single lie.

Beyond their passing came silence and a grey light tinged with red, a well dressed presence drifted forth and took the souls of all those dead.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Chuffed to bits

Wow I'm really chuffed to bits to get a mention this week as a runner up in Lilychildsfeardom Friday Challenge. Congratulations to A.J.Humpage for winning with her tremendously sensual piece Fell the Breath, and R.S. Bohn for second place with Unseen.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

A frantic week

 It's been quite a busy week with work and planning for the impending festivities, then out of the blue I get hit with labyrinthitis. In comparison with some other suffers my attack was mild, but debilitating no less; I now have tinitus making it very hard to concentrate.

I know it sounds like the dog ate my homework, but just thought my last minute blog entry into the friday flash deserved an explanation.

This weeks words were melt, spring and chain, I made it with 25 minutes to spare. I'm not entirely happy with it but I might work on it and expand it a little, as theres nothing quite so tasty as revenge especially from a woman scorned.

You can see Lily's blog and the other entries by clicking here!  Here's my entry.

First Harvest

I’m still not sure what caused reality to melt away that day. The voices said it was some kind of breakdown, a chain reaction to everything.

It was spring and the grass was high, that’s where I found them, knotted together, those guilty lovers.

Time for the first cut…

They tried to stand when they saw me, tried to explain their trousers entwined, both raised proud among the reeds. Under the judgement of the scythe they fell easily like mown grass, my husband and his man.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Two for the Price of One

The entries for the Friday Prediction over at Lily Child's Feardom are at high standard again this week.
This weeks words to include in the 100 word maximum flash fiction are Outsider, Invite and Effervescent. 

I wrote two entries this week, I have to say they were probably inspired by the Human Leagues brilliant new single "Night People" as I've been listening to the Villa remix non stop since I downloaded it from the official Human League website. Although the song is about night clubbers, the Villa mix has a dark edged quality to it and got me thinking about other types of night people.

Well enough waffling, here they are:-

#1 - Dominion
No outsider could resist a honey coated invite from Laura; she helped us swell our ranks with the souls of the ungodly, and feed the vermin with their unwashed bodies.

Now she craved to join us, her urge declared, it was her time…

Her soul passed easily into our world, like an effervescent fountain of life washing upon us, until she became part of us and we moved as one.

As dawn approached we instinctively retreated into the shadows for our own protection, but the light traversed with her, turning our darkest shades to grey would she signal our end…

#2 - You are what you eat

The cold air made my naked body tingle effervescent with anticipation. An outsider to her world I’d eagerly accepted the invitation to her bedchamber, where I lay bound by feet and hands to her bed. Stretched out and proud like a sundial.


She entered the room her face strange… like porcelain...

The old beast roused within me, as she eased the life from my body. I floated free and watched while she feasted on my flesh, soon joined by others, they made sacrament with my body.

My journey through the dark and vaporous veil had begun.

Very Pleased

Firstly congratulations to Asuqi for winning last weeks Friday predicition at Lily Child's Feardom with her piece "Every Present is a Pearl on an Eternal String" a really interesting read by a very clever and inspiring writer.
Last weeks entries were all absolutely brilliant which is why I was really surprised not to mention very pleased that my entry "Don't Sit Down" was mentioned as the runner up, I'm extremely proud to be associated with such brilliant writers. Thanks to Lily for providing the challenge and opportunity to stretch our skills.

All of the fabulous entries from last week can be found by clicking here

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Don't Sit Down

It's that time of the week again for Lily's Friday prediction this weeks words are Peacock, Lime, & Skinny.
I'm not publishing my entry on my own blog this week as I surprised myself a little with a horrific little number entitled "Don't sit down". It's a bit graphic in content and out of character for my usual writing style, but if you fancy never sitting on the loo again then click the link above and follow it through to the friday challenge for this week

Saturday, 20 November 2010

BL**DY Cowboys

Lilys Friday Prediction

What a tough week, this weeks words are Cousin, Saddle and Stagnant. I struggled a bit this week I'm blaming it on a damn fine cold that hit me last night. I hope to post some more work of mine on this blog soon so keep coming back.

In the mean time lilys blog and challenge can be found at lily childs feardom

Cousins of the Saddle
Blaine and me had been riding the prairie for five days now, that made us cousins of the saddle in my book. Into our second day the conversation had become stagnant, and we travelled on in unsettled silence, picking our way across the plain.

We headed down into Fort Dakota; where Blaine dismounted his horse and spoke to the sheriff, “We were ambushed by Sioux Three days ago, I brought him back for Christian burial” he intoned. I saw my body lain across his horse and knew that I would wander the prairie alone for eternity.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My first Dip into Flash Fiction

The amazing Lily Childs at lilychildsfeardom blogspot runs a regular friday flash challenge called "lilys friday prediction"  Every Friday Lily provides three words that must appear in your piece that must be no more than 100 words. There's a lot of very fine talent that enter these challenges, this weeks words were Kestrel, Bed-Chamber, Uriel [The Archangel], I've never attempted a writing challenge before let alone flash fiction, but decided maybe I could use a challenge so here is my humble attempt.

Final Prophecy

Alan hovered by the bar, like a kestrel tracking its prey. It was his first time here, though he knew what he was looking for. He wasn't after romance in the bed chamber, no hearts and flowers; well not this time. Uriel had delivered him another prophecy, and Alan was here to fulfil it. The clock on the wall was marking time, counting down. He fingered the cheese wire hidden from harm in his pocket. The door opened, she's here! The harlot's here! Then a hand upon his shoulder, “Alan kook, I'm arresting you for the murders of...”