Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My first Dip into Flash Fiction

The amazing Lily Childs at lilychildsfeardom blogspot runs a regular friday flash challenge called "lilys friday prediction"  Every Friday Lily provides three words that must appear in your piece that must be no more than 100 words. There's a lot of very fine talent that enter these challenges, this weeks words were Kestrel, Bed-Chamber, Uriel [The Archangel], I've never attempted a writing challenge before let alone flash fiction, but decided maybe I could use a challenge so here is my humble attempt.

Final Prophecy

Alan hovered by the bar, like a kestrel tracking its prey. It was his first time here, though he knew what he was looking for. He wasn't after romance in the bed chamber, no hearts and flowers; well not this time. Uriel had delivered him another prophecy, and Alan was here to fulfil it. The clock on the wall was marking time, counting down. He fingered the cheese wire hidden from harm in his pocket. The door opened, she's here! The harlot's here! Then a hand upon his shoulder, “Alan kook, I'm arresting you for the murders of...”

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