Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This weeks Friday Challenge entry

This weeks words are Cinderella, Mongrel and Profit.
My piece this week is based on an abridged and reworked version of  my yet to be published work "Starlet Autopsy". Neither piece is based on any character alive or deceased, it is a pure figment based on musings I wrote up one evening enjoying a bottle (or two) of Jacobs creek red in 1994.

Error of Judgement
Tonight should have been her Cinderella moment, but the face that graced magazine covers, now decorated the inside of her Daimler. Her diamante spiral earring twirled casting disco lights from the roof lining, pivoting on a mass of matted hair and brain tissue.

The paparazzi were kept away, every last mongrel; hungry for their shot to make profit from sorrow.

Across town, her disconsolate soul cradled her unborn, as she experienced her lover passing cash to her assassin. His high velocity shot making sorrow for profit.

He told her he would leave his wife, Liar!

Where was her head?


Sunday, 13 March 2011

5 x 5 Fiction Launches

Angel Zapata has launched the first edition of his E-zine issue one is called "Murder, Monsters and Misfortune" and can be found by clicking the link here -> 5 x 5 Fiction Launch Edition

I'm extremely proud to have been included in issue one, with my piece "Community Indictment", I loved the challenge of writing a whole story in 5 sentences of 5 words, it's harder than you think.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Proud runner up - After the Plague

Firstly congratulations to R.S.BOHN for winning this weeks Friday predictions at Lily Childs Blog, and also to co-runner upper Jenny Dreadful.

I'm really pleased

I'm really fortunate that my Uncle was close friends with Clarence Daniel and my family were invited to tea at his private museum in Eyam. Eyam is a fascinating place in Derbyshire famous for the sacrifice the residents made during the plague by placing themselves in quarantine. It's a place that stays with you long after you leave. I've been planning a story about the plague for a while now and this week I've been reviewing some of my notes which kinda melded together with the words provided by Lily. Grandmother, Party, Safe.

I present:-

After the Plague

A small fragment of hair attached to a hawthorn bush, spiralled on the breeze like a gift tag. The spring air on the Dales was caustic with its freshness, but sadness hung in the air like an apostrophe. We were safe for now, but there were those that walked among our party that had left their earthly bodies behind. As we stood by the vinegar stone, I watched the vapour that had been my Grandmother drift among the children; she was protecting them from the darker vapours gathering on the horizon. It was not over our trial was just beginning.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Friday Flash Squandered

I've been a bit lazy in updating my blog of late, largely down to twelve hour working days getting in the way.
I missed a week at lily's Friday prediction last week. So was determined to enter this week. The words were Fertile, Thirst and denounce. You can visit the prediction by clicking the link > Lily Childs

I heard some sad news about the untimely death of the wife of an acquaintance this week, that coupled with my spending so much time at work instead of with loved ones made me think. I present Squandered.


My misery mewls like a fertile cat, desperate and unsatisfied.
I’m driven by the thirst for one last bask in the splendour of your smile, but your death has robbed us of that.

We used to squander our time together, by being apart. Through faux immortal eyes we laughed at death, and those that wallow in pity, but your sudden frailty tore longevity asunder.

I will not let death denounce your existence.