Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This weeks Friday Challenge entry

This weeks words are Cinderella, Mongrel and Profit.
My piece this week is based on an abridged and reworked version of  my yet to be published work "Starlet Autopsy". Neither piece is based on any character alive or deceased, it is a pure figment based on musings I wrote up one evening enjoying a bottle (or two) of Jacobs creek red in 1994.

Error of Judgement
Tonight should have been her Cinderella moment, but the face that graced magazine covers, now decorated the inside of her Daimler. Her diamante spiral earring twirled casting disco lights from the roof lining, pivoting on a mass of matted hair and brain tissue.

The paparazzi were kept away, every last mongrel; hungry for their shot to make profit from sorrow.

Across town, her disconsolate soul cradled her unborn, as she experienced her lover passing cash to her assassin. His high velocity shot making sorrow for profit.

He told her he would leave his wife, Liar!

Where was her head?


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