Friday, 11 March 2011

Proud runner up - After the Plague

Firstly congratulations to R.S.BOHN for winning this weeks Friday predictions at Lily Childs Blog, and also to co-runner upper Jenny Dreadful.

I'm really pleased

I'm really fortunate that my Uncle was close friends with Clarence Daniel and my family were invited to tea at his private museum in Eyam. Eyam is a fascinating place in Derbyshire famous for the sacrifice the residents made during the plague by placing themselves in quarantine. It's a place that stays with you long after you leave. I've been planning a story about the plague for a while now and this week I've been reviewing some of my notes which kinda melded together with the words provided by Lily. Grandmother, Party, Safe.

I present:-

After the Plague

A small fragment of hair attached to a hawthorn bush, spiralled on the breeze like a gift tag. The spring air on the Dales was caustic with its freshness, but sadness hung in the air like an apostrophe. We were safe for now, but there were those that walked among our party that had left their earthly bodies behind. As we stood by the vinegar stone, I watched the vapour that had been my Grandmother drift among the children; she was protecting them from the darker vapours gathering on the horizon. It was not over our trial was just beginning.


  1. I knew someone who visited Eyam last year, and she sent me pictures. A bright, sunny day she was there, and still, I shivered.

    Your piece was wonderful. I do hope you write something for the Prediction this week (if it's Plague-related again, I wouldn't complain).

  2. Thanks Rebecca, your bear has stayed with me. Congrats on a brilliant flash and worthy win. They are brilliant words this week, I'm sure I'll come up with something.