Thursday, 3 March 2011

Friday Flash Squandered

I've been a bit lazy in updating my blog of late, largely down to twelve hour working days getting in the way.
I missed a week at lily's Friday prediction last week. So was determined to enter this week. The words were Fertile, Thirst and denounce. You can visit the prediction by clicking the link > Lily Childs

I heard some sad news about the untimely death of the wife of an acquaintance this week, that coupled with my spending so much time at work instead of with loved ones made me think. I present Squandered.


My misery mewls like a fertile cat, desperate and unsatisfied.
I’m driven by the thirst for one last bask in the splendour of your smile, but your death has robbed us of that.

We used to squander our time together, by being apart. Through faux immortal eyes we laughed at death, and those that wallow in pity, but your sudden frailty tore longevity asunder.

I will not let death denounce your existence.

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