Saturday, 20 November 2010

BL**DY Cowboys

Lilys Friday Prediction

What a tough week, this weeks words are Cousin, Saddle and Stagnant. I struggled a bit this week I'm blaming it on a damn fine cold that hit me last night. I hope to post some more work of mine on this blog soon so keep coming back.

In the mean time lilys blog and challenge can be found at lily childs feardom

Cousins of the Saddle
Blaine and me had been riding the prairie for five days now, that made us cousins of the saddle in my book. Into our second day the conversation had become stagnant, and we travelled on in unsettled silence, picking our way across the plain.

We headed down into Fort Dakota; where Blaine dismounted his horse and spoke to the sheriff, “We were ambushed by Sioux Three days ago, I brought him back for Christian burial” he intoned. I saw my body lain across his horse and knew that I would wander the prairie alone for eternity.

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