Saturday, 4 December 2010

Two for the Price of One

The entries for the Friday Prediction over at Lily Child's Feardom are at high standard again this week.
This weeks words to include in the 100 word maximum flash fiction are Outsider, Invite and Effervescent. 

I wrote two entries this week, I have to say they were probably inspired by the Human Leagues brilliant new single "Night People" as I've been listening to the Villa remix non stop since I downloaded it from the official Human League website. Although the song is about night clubbers, the Villa mix has a dark edged quality to it and got me thinking about other types of night people.

Well enough waffling, here they are:-

#1 - Dominion
No outsider could resist a honey coated invite from Laura; she helped us swell our ranks with the souls of the ungodly, and feed the vermin with their unwashed bodies.

Now she craved to join us, her urge declared, it was her time…

Her soul passed easily into our world, like an effervescent fountain of life washing upon us, until she became part of us and we moved as one.

As dawn approached we instinctively retreated into the shadows for our own protection, but the light traversed with her, turning our darkest shades to grey would she signal our end…

#2 - You are what you eat

The cold air made my naked body tingle effervescent with anticipation. An outsider to her world I’d eagerly accepted the invitation to her bedchamber, where I lay bound by feet and hands to her bed. Stretched out and proud like a sundial.


She entered the room her face strange… like porcelain...

The old beast roused within me, as she eased the life from my body. I floated free and watched while she feasted on my flesh, soon joined by others, they made sacrament with my body.

My journey through the dark and vaporous veil had begun.

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