Saturday, 1 January 2011

Friday prediction Entry - 31-12-2010

The weekly competition is as great as ever at Liliy Childs Feardom my entry follows.

The Day Sadie Left

Sadie doesn’t like me taking my medication it pisses her off. She doesn’t like it when I’m on an even keel. “Hell hath no fury…” she sings that to get me to stop.

I’ve not taken it for days now, so she took over today, got me doing… things.
Fingers... in places...

Sharp things in soft parts. Fountains.

“How long will it take you to bleed to death” she taunted, before she left.
Been watching the clock since then.
Counting. Nearly have an answer.
Shame she’s… I’m nothing without her, she told me that.

I’ll just rest… close my...

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