Monday, 29 August 2011

I finally submitted something to a print anthology. GULP!

I took the family out for a picnic and ramble through a local forest last weekend. As the kids went off and played, we got to discussing plans and where our lives were going.  I mentioned to my supportive and beloved wife that I'd had an idea kicking around since last year, but I'd done nothing with it and now the deadline was a week away. Thus began my roller coaster week, where I resurrected a stagant idea with a strong central character, and went from a 200 word precise to 5168 in five days. I've discovered that I have some bad capitalisation habits not to mention I evolved a nervous tic where I thought closer but typed closure through the whole document. What would Freud say. Luckily a patient wife proof read it for me twice, and it's now submitted. Now comes the pacing.


  1. Fabulous news - and all the best of luck. 5168 words is a massive achievement in five days. Be proud - you should be.


  2. Thanks Lily. Unfortunately it didn't get accepted. It's funny, I was relieved when it didn't, my baby wasn't really ready for the world and is now under a growth and development programme.