Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I didn't mean to kill him, it just kind of happened. I've been gently rocking back and forth in my chair arms wrapped around my chest in a attempt at self comforting, thinking what have I done, what have I fucking done, FFS. If I had a few extra words to give I might of been able to save him, but no I had to go for the Killer line and making his last words cyptic or pure comedy if your not aware of Epsteins sculpture. Tench will be back. I wrote this piece for Lily's Friday Prediction

Case closed
Tench stood watch under the spire of Coventry’s bombed out Cathedral, looking every bit the undertaker, cold and alone. What he grudgingly needed right now was the high gloss of Selling’s humour to keep him going. He felt something sharp hit the back of his neck and a wet numbness began to roam down his spine, making him shudder. As his end came near, He laughed in realisation, Epstein had used a milk bottle to fashion the devils shaft. “The Devils penis is a milk bottle!” were his final words. St Michael smiled down on him, then perfect oblivion.


Coventry Cathedral displays the sculpture of St Michael vanquishing the Devil by Epstein on the wall next to the entrance steps. Daringly Epstein envisioned the Devil as being naked. Having personally spent hours waiting on the steps of Coventry Cathedral for one reason or another I had a morbid fascination with the Naked DEvil, it finally Dawned on me that Epstein had used a milk bottle to create the penis, causing me to exclaim the very line used by Tench.

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