Monday, 11 July 2011

Lily's Friday Prediction-8th July-2011

I didn't intend to write this then I was flicking through some old photographs at the weekend and discovered a picture tucked inside a note book with just the title and a date written. On my walk into work this morning this kept coming back to play.

Toxic Girlfriend 1993
My head is tangled in a toxic space where you define what goes, you’re the kind of girl that cuts off your face but only to spite your nose.

When you gatecrashed your way into my life, you were like an incision to my heart.
I went from a life so promising, straight to the end with no middle part.

Your desires are set to suffocate; you’re a covering like a septic crust.
You’re not dealing with a full deck love, your aces are missing, and if this were blackjack I’d be bust.

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