Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bathtime for Alice

This weeks entry for Lily Childs Friday prediction a brilliant fun writing competition held every week take a look and why not join in. Alice is the protagonist in a longer project I'm working on. After a month of drought on her story a poem came forth.

Bathtime for Alice

Alice likes painting arms, in shades of pumping red.
It’s what her demons bid her, from deep inside her head.
Swallowed by an institution, for a child that was never born.
The shocks designed to help her forget, and leave her memories torn.
Strapped naked in the bathtub, all she can do is lay.
She’s easy pickings for the warders and the vicious games they play.
Like a missionary in a stew pot, they know not what they brew.
They ramp the voltage upwards and her thoughts become a stew.
Sin, No Sin, the evil souls come in!

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