Friday, 9 December 2011

The Morning after the Peace before. Wins this weeks Feardom Flash

I'm really pleased that my poem was selected as the winner for last weeks Friday Flash competition @ Lily Childs Feardom. BTW if you haven't already you can get Lily Childs latest book Magenta Shamen Stones the crows for Kindle @ Amazon. I'm reading it at the moment, and I'm hooked.

The Morning after the Peace before.

Quietly dawn rises, and she’s full of surprises.
Yesterday’s peace has been taught to beg.
Death lifts from the field like an affectionate veil,
The first life’s taken out, with a scrape of her nail.
No football today both teams are away, the shooting is for their own goals.
Then the bleakest of hell, screams out of the Mustard shells.
Skin burning like it’s on hot coals.
We hide under ground where our bodies were found, with all of our masks caught adrift.
The protection of boy’s from the horror of war is no time for talking bout thrift.


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