Monday, 2 July 2012

Bloody hell I won.

I was absolutely bowled over not to mentioned surprised to win last weeks flash prediction amongst a strong field over at Phil Amblers Blog. Congratulations to John Xero for winning runner up, with an excellent piece. 


It started off with stomach cramps, a bitter malady that bent me double. When the final facet of my agony manifested, it forced me onto all fours shrieking like a dog. Finally the homunculus issued forth from betwixt my thighs tearing my manhood as it left my body. I looked at the cat face of my newborn. Cloven hooves, assuring me of his immortal parentage, as he took to the wing the brackish scent of sulphurous brimstone wafted across the air.
Consort with the devil? Aye I did Sir, now I am jointly both father and mother to his child.

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