Friday, 24 August 2012

Judge ye not, lest thee be Judged

I'm extremely proud to have been awarded pole postion at Phil Amblers Prediction by last weeks winner R R Kovar.  Hearty congratulations also to runner up Clarkythecruel. Now I must face the trial of judging next weeks entries and selecting a winner, a though task when the entries are of such a high standard. Why not drop in and see how I  get on in my  time slot in the nice purple velvet judges chair So while I settle into the still warm cushions, I present my winning piece.

Shabby Chic

She didn’t like the curtains at first, but had to admit she was a convert now the swag was pulled tight around Sebastian’s neck. The disgusting vermilion material suited the gasping pallor of his pleading face. As life departed, a damp patch bloomed in the crotch of his tightly packed Italian slacks. She smiled a cold calculated satisfaction, “£10,000 for curtains and a tub of crimson emulsion.” She muttered to herself. Thanks to his dodgy stepladders, the whole thing looked like a mishap. At least Sebastian finally lived up to the promise of his slogan, “Rooms to die for…”

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