Saturday, 9 March 2013


As it's Mothers day today, this is for all those mums that will be forgotten, tucked away in hospitals and care homes up and down the country.


Invisible like a pebble in a moat, I lay and wait all day.
Reality is a slur in my mind; my perception’s almost blind.
A lovely man holds my hand, till noon every day
He tells me he’s my husband and I often wish he’d stay.

The daytime nurses chat with everyone but me!
I call out, but they don’t hear, they shut my curtains so I can’t see.
At night they leave me laying in my soaking wet nightdress,
they disconnected my panic button, so I can’t alert my distress.

My son arrives, every day he brings me something from the shop.
If he knew what’s been going on, he’d make this cruelty stop,
but he has his own troubles, and worry clouds the beauty of his face,
so a mothers love cannot reveal the depth of my carers disgrace.

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